I have always been sceptical about the value of Networking Groups, but after almost 3 years with Lawrence’s Sydney group I am a committed convert. Real businesses with great CEOs looking for real relationships with other like-minded organisations. The members have been a terrific source of referral work but, as importantly, their knowledge and experience have provided insights that have been valuable for my business and to me personally.

Ian Hyman OAM, Chief Executive Office - Hymans Values and Auctioneers

I have been a member of the Sydney CBD group for almost 6 years now. All the members of this group have extensive experience in their fields and are genuinely committed to doing the best for their clients. The round table discussions are an excellent way to keep up to date with news and developments across different business sectors and glean insights from experts in the industry. Being a part of this group has not only increased my knowledge but also connected me with members I may not otherwise have crossed paths with. This group has been a great way to expand my professional network and receive quality referrals. I can also refer my clients, colleagues, and friends to professionals I have a relationship with and whom I trust.

Tijana Petkovic, Director - Branchfield Nicholls

I have been a member of Professional Meetup’s for many years. I have had the opportunity to refer work to many participants over that time and have received many valuable leads and referrals in return. I have developed long-term clients and relationships from the group – one dating back over 14 years now.  For a relatively small financial outlay, the return on investment has been extremely positive. As with all networking groups It is important to understand that this is a two-way street – if you don’t think of and refer opportunities to others in the group, you should not expect them to think of you. I have referred many opportunities to others and as a result Professional Meetup’s has been a very positive personal, financial and business experience for me. 

Tal Williams, Partner - Holmanwebb lawyers

I have been a member of Lawrence’s Friday group for a number of years, and I thoroughly enjoy every session.
They are run in a relaxed professional manner, always finishing on time,   the team in this group are all highly credentialed professionals and I would have no hesitation in recommending any of them.
I would not hesitate recommending participating in this group. 

Tim Bishop, Aussie Broker - Aussie

Real Property Buyers have been part of other competing network groups but I honestly believe Lawrence’s Professional Meet Up groups are well ahead of the rest. 
Group members are carefully selected by Lawrence and the members are professional with no cross over and specialists in their respective businesses. 
The sessions are engaging and informative, there is no “hard sell” and it’s all about building open trusted long-standing relationships. 
Most of the members have been long term members and this is the key ingredient in creating strong relationships and income generating networking and referrals
Strongly recommended to all professionals…well done Lawrence !!

Michael Salvartsis, Director - Real Property Buyers

I have been a part of Lawrence's Business Networking Group for two years. I would highly recommend joining these networking groups. I have found them to be valuable, informative and a great support group of amazing people in their field. I really look forward to each meeting - and for some who are time-poor, that says a lot. 

Roxanne Calder, Managing Director - EST10 Recruitment  

I have been lucky to be a member of Professional Meetups for the last 2 years.

I have gained a great insight into other businesses and some great input about my business from other businesspeople. It's like having your own board of directors who provide a much wider business experience and different ideas. I can trust these people, and many have become good friends. I have received some wonderful referrals.

Mark Livingston, Director - Steadfast Insurance Brokers

I have been a member of Professional Meetups for over 5 years. I have found them to be an excellent forum to exchange ideas, information, referrals, and issues with like-minded people from different businesses and fields of interest. I have always found it interesting to discuss ideas and issues in a relaxed atmosphere with no judgments and I have found this to certainly be the situation.

Geoffrey Granger, Principal, Insolvency Accountant - FerrierSilvia

I have been a member of the Sydney CBD group for over 10 years.
Belong to a network of like-minded professionals has been of significant personal and business value which has enabled me to deliver a higher degree of holistic service and value to my clients.
The open sharing of ideas amongst peers with wide-ranging industry experience is a great source of professional development and learning. The insights into the technical expertise held by my fellow members give me the utmost confidence in recommending their services. Ultimately the personal relationships I have developed with current and past members will stay with me throughout my career. 

Jakin Loke, Director - Ecovis Clarke Jacobs Accountants 

The name 'Professional Meetups' speaks volumes. 
Lawrence gathers like-minded professionals to attend, participate, refer and network in the fortnightly meetings.
Professional Meetups can lead to many valuable benefits for the members such as enhanced networking, increased exposure for your business, referral opportunities, both giving and receiving, mentoring and long-term acquaintances and friendships.

Angelina Torrisi, Director - Family Law Practice Australia Pty Ltd

I am a member of Lawrence’s Tuesday group and thoroughly enjoy every session.
They are run in a relaxed professional manner, the team in this group are all highly credentialed professionals and I would have no hesitation in recommending any of them.

Timothy Klintsaris, Principal - Klintsaris Immigration Services

I have only been a member of a Sydney Meetup group for approximately 6 months. However, I have already found the breakfast meetings to be a rich source of information about all sorts of industries and professions. I especially enjoy the mutual understanding that comes from a group of individuals who appreciate the rigours of self-employment. In addition, I have received a range of referrals that have contributed to my business growth while meeting highly qualified professionals to refer my clients to knowing that they will be appreciated and dealt with the same care they receive from within my own business.

Peter Foley, Director - Thirdview Financial Planning

I have enjoyed participating in Lawrence’s Professional Meetup’s for a number of years.
I find the meetings to be very productive and enjoyable use of my time. I like the diverse range of views and discussions generated from our discussions. It provides us with insights and perspectives that broaden our knowledge across a range of professions.
The meetings are respectful and informative and managed in a very effective way, providing structure that encourages open participation. They are a great opportunity for each of us to broaden our professional network to advantage our clients and respective businesses.

Hugh Williams, Director - Marketstrat Business Advisors

I joined Professional Meetups back in 2009. Today, our staff participates in four different Professional Meetups groups. We value the interaction, information sharing, and the different perspectives on current business affairs given by experienced executives and directors from a broad range of industries. Over the years, we have received and provided productive leads. For us, it has definitely paid off being a part of Professional Meetups.

Gabriel Robledo, Director - ITworx Consulting Pty Ltd